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Harry and Mabel Boland Scholarship Fund

Through her estate, Mrs. Boland established this fund to award an annual scholarship to graduating seniors from each of the four original high schools in the Poudre School District. Specifically those needing financial assistance in the first year of higher learning.

Harry and Mabel Boland were important fixtures during the early 1950 and 1960 growth periods of Fort Collins. Not having any children of their own, they always were generous with donations to the needs of children in the area. This Scholarship Fund evolved as an important part of Mrs. Boland’s estate. She loved children and as the one time Larimer County Treasurer, she had the opportunity to see and understand their educational needs. Harry was referred to as ‘Mr. Telephone’ in the Ft. Collins area. He pioneered the telephone company from ‘number please’ crank type telephones to the modern dial era.