McGraw (Susan McGraw Loveland Habitat for Humanity Scholarship Fund)

Key Criteria:

  • Need based, available only to active Loveland Habitat for Humanity recipient families

Applicants must be a member of a currently active Loveland Habitat for Humanity family who wishes to further their education for the purpose of improving their potential for employment. The award is to be used for education, training or certification at an accredited educational institution. Applicants for the scholarship award will have their applications evaluated on the basis of academic performance, extra-curricular and community activities, work experiences, and financial need. Applicants may reapply to receive the award up to four times for subsequent school terms based on maintaining satisfactory performance and enrollment during the previously awarded school term and if funding is available.

Susan McGraw Loveland Habitat for Humanity Scholarship Fund
Two awards of at least $2,500 each
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please describe for the selection committee your family's financial situation and why you feel you should be awarded this scholarship.
  2. Financial need is a factor for this scholarship. Please upload the first page (Student Aid Report) of your FAFSA in PDF format.
  3. If you uploaded your FAFSA, what is your Expected Family Contribution ("EFC")? This can be found at the top of the first page of the FAFSA.
  4. The award available through this scholarship fund will likely not be sufficient to cover the total cost of your education plans. Please describe your plans to cover any additional costs, and comment as to whether you have discussed financial assistance options with a counselor/teacher either at your school or at the school to which you are applying.
  5. Please write an essay (500 word maximum) that tells the selection committee why you should receive this scholarship. Comment on your post-secondary plans, career goals and why you have made these choices; how this scholarship will impact your life now and in the future; and how the donor who made this scholarship possible would feel about your achievements.
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